Frequently Asked Questions

The lights should not be turned on if the boat is out of the water. The water acts as a cooling feature on the lights.

Yes, the DMX controller is included with the purchase of Multicolor lights.

Allow the lights to be turned off for 3 minutes. The Dual color lights will automatically reset to White after three minutes off.

Yes. If more than three multicolor lights are installed on a boat, a slave DMX controller will be included which will allow more than 3 lights to be synced together.

The lights should never be pressure cleaned. Doing so could break the seal of the light and cause water intrusion.

All lights are sold per light.

We recommend using 3M 5200 or 4200 silicone sealant.

No. Using any other DMX controller will void the warranty if the lights are damaged. 

No. As per the instructions, only the center cup on the back of the light and the screw holes should have silicone.